domingo, 9 de janeiro de 2011

Letters to Juliet

I saw this movie yesterday and ... I loved it.  Now it's one of my favorite movies
The story is very romantic.

The story is set mostly in Italy.
I love Italy, is a very beautiful country with so much history, art, love...and with a delicious food.

"Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) is an American girl who works for the New Yorker magazine and is a fact checker. To put some spark in her life she decides to go on a 'pre-honeymoon' with her workaholic chef fiancé Victor (Gael Garcia Bernal) to Verona. However the workaholic Victor is unmoved by the romance of Italy and utilises his time to do research for his soon to open restaurant ignoring Sophie. The lonely Sophie discovers by chance an unanswered "letter to Juliet" by Claire in 1950's -- one of thousands of missives left at the fictional lover's Verona courtyard, which are typically answered by the "secretaries of Juliet". She answers it and soon enough the now elderly Claire (Vanessa Redgrave) arrives in Verona with her handsome barrister grandson Charlie (Christopher Egan) who works for human rights. Charlie and Sophie take an instant dislike for each other with Charlie behaving very brusque with Sophie while she is very sarcastic with him. On the other hand Claire is still looking to rediscover her long lost love, Lorenzo Bartolini. Sophie thinking Claire's story might help her in her writing career decides to help her in her quest. What happens next is a story of romantic twists and turns. They look for many Lorenzo Bartollinis. After many days of searching, they find that a Lorenzo Bartolini has been dead. An angry Charlie blames Sophie for his grandmother's sadness. He yells at her, stating that she does not know what real loss is, which causes an upset Sophie to walk away. Claire, seeing the little dispute, tells Charlie that he was wrong and that Sophie's mother had walked away from her when she was a little girl. The next day, Claire insists that Charlie apologize to Sophie at breakfast, and he does. After dinner, Sophie goes out with Charlie and talks to him about love, when he accidentally kisses her. The next morning, it is their last day of searching for Claire's long lost love. On a whim, Claire points out a vineyard to Charlie and asks if he could stop by so the three of them can have a farewell drink for Sophie. As Charlie drives down the road, Claire sees a young man who looks exactly like her Lorenzo. She yells at Charlie to stop, and he complies. They discover that the man is Lorenzo Bartolini's grandson. Claire and Lorenzo reunite after 50 long years. Back in New York, Sophie and Victor decide to break up. Sophie returns to Verona to be at Claire and Lorenzo's wedding. She finds Charlie there with another woman and runs out. Charlie comes to find her and she admits she loves him, but tells him to go back to his date. Telling Sophie that the girl was actually his cousin, he tells her he loves her as well and kisses her."

Fantastic Movie


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  1. Cateeeeeeee, preciso ver esse filme!
    Liiiindo! bjus!

  2. Lolisss tens de ver esse filme!
    é lindo!