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Royal Wedding

Finally Britan's got a new Princess as Kate Middleton has tied the knot with Prince William.
 They  have chosen a fabulous day for their wedding and with all the things set, the Royal Wedding has begun.

Royal Wedding Dress Kate Middleton

All about this wedding look like fairytale.
Catheri Middleton looked stunning on this important day, she wore a gorgeous designer dress signed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen fashion house.

William was always folloied by his brother Harry before the ceremony starting.
 Prince William wore the uniform of Colonel of the Irish Guards, in Guard of Honour Order with a Forage Cap on this special day.

Royal Wedding - Kate Middleton

The Royal Wedding was watched by over two billion people from all over the world, who wanted to take a glimpse at one of the most lavishing weddings of the decade.

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress Designer is Sarah Burton

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress Designer is Sarah Burton

Kate Middleton Wedding Hairstyle and Makeup

Kate Middleton Wedding Hair and Makeup

Kate Middleton herself worked closely with the designer to make sure she'll get the perfect gown for the royal wedding. The ivory satin bridal gown featured a lace applique bodice with a restrained, high lace collar, long lace sleeves and an 8 foot long train. The gown's bodice was narrowed down the waist and padded at the hips inspired by Victorian corsetry. 

Kate Middleton Fotos: Reuters

Catherine Middleton Wedding Dress Pictures

The diamond tiara topped Kate Middleton's wedding hairstyle. 
The tiara was lent her by the Queen, which was given to her by Cartier in 1938 for her 18th birthday when she was still a princess. 

The royal bride accessorized with pear-shaped diamond earrings designed by fine jeweler Robinson Pelham and were inspired by the Middleton's new coat of arms, which was given to the family earlier this month.

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