sábado, 23 de julho de 2011

Keep calm it's Friday.

From today, on every Fridays I will do a post with pictures, photographs that I like.
Beautiful and sweet pictures.

I'll write some comments about what I think about some photos or pictures.
I really like Fridays.

One perfect present:

I would love to get a present like this one, a box full of flowers... perfect present.

Good times:
This picture reminds me Christmas time.
I love Christmas, because it's time to be with our family, all the decoration...I love everything about these special days.
When it's cold out side I love to be on my living room, sitting on the sofa with my blanket, next to my fireplace, watching a movie and at the same time eating some cookies and drinking a warm chocolate milk.

Favorite movie:

Dirty Dancing 
Romance & Dance...perfect combination.

This dress is a dream for any bride.

Perfect place:

Perfect place for some relaxing days.

What you think about this kind of post? leave a comment with your opinion.

5 comentários:

  1. i find it very creative and delicious to see and read (:

  2. gostei muito! principalmente da última foto, awwww. xoxo, the fashion police

  3. Adorei o post.
    O dirty dancing fez as maravilhas da minha adolescência, sonhava ter um filme desses na minha vida :)

  4. Gosto do post e acho uma boa ideia. É sempre bom saber um pouco mais sobre a pessoa que está por detrás do Blog que visitamos e seguimos. E eu cá por mim também ia relaxar para esse sitio da última foto! Que maravilha de vista!!! :)