sábado, 20 de agosto de 2011

UK...my second home

Here are some photos of some places I've been
I love UK as my "second home".
I didn't take many pictures because I had already taken on the last years. This year was my fifth time in London so I have many pictures from the other years.
Big Ben
St. james park
Buckingham Palace.
This is where the Queen Elizabeth II lives.
Me and my girls on the Buckingham Palace

Behind us we have the london eye
Disney Store
Oxford Street
Forever 21 store

A museum that I dont remember his name
Here we are... in Hogwarts
Now me and my good friend Alice(from Black Diamond) are wizards.
some places where they record the big movie Harry Potter
Me and my sweet friend Gwen from California LA
Blackwell UK 
I went to the Thorpe Park it's a fun park, with many roller coasters and other fun things

Cathe R.

5 comentários:

  1. Ainda antes de acabar o ano, quero ver se vou a Londres *.*

  2. adorei, as lojas devem ser uma total perdição!

  3. Adoro Londres, parece ser tão bom ir lá! Mas se pudesse escolher ia a Nova Iorque e depois sim, ia a Londres! (:


  4. Deve ter sido uma viagem mesmo muito fixe!!